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weight watchers points plus values for all of your favorite restaurants

Red Burrito

Red Burrito
Bean and Cheese Burrito 11
Beef, Bean, and Cheese Burrito 15
Chicken, Bean, and Cheese Burrito 13
Grilled Chicken Burrito 13
One Pound Beef Burrito 22
One Pound Chicken Burrito 21
Red Burrito with Beef 21
Red Burrito with Chicken 19
Deluxe Hard Taco With Beef 6
Deluxe Hard Taco with Chicken 6
Deluxe Soft Taco with Beef 7
Deluxe Soft Taco with Chicken 6
Hard Taco Beef 6
Hard Taco Chicken 5
Soft Taco Beef 6
Soft Taco Chicken 5
Southwest Chicken Taco 7
Taco Salad Beef 28
Taco Salad Chicken 25
Chicken Quesadilla 17
Quesadilla 15
Super Nachos 21
Super Nachos with Beef 24
Super Nachos with Chicken 22
Chips 5
Guacamole 2
Mexican Rice 7
Refried Beans 6
Sour Cream 2
Chips with Salsa 5

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