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weight watchers points plus values for all of your favorite restaurants

Panera Bread Bakery Menu

Panera Bread Bakery Menu

Panera Bread Weight Watchers Points Plus values are based on the nutrition info from Panera Bread published in February, 2013. This page includes Panera bakery items. Includes breads, scones, bagels, cream cheese spreads, cookies, brownies, muffins, muffies, and more!

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Panera Bread Bagel Points
Plain 8
Asiago 9
Blueberry 9
Chocolate Chip 10
Cinnamon Crunch 11
Cinnamon Swirl Raisin 9
Everything 8
French Toast 9
Sesame 8
Sweet Onion Poppyseed 10
Whole Grain 9
Bagel Spreads (2oz)
Plain 5
Reduced Fat Chive and Onion 4
Reduced Fat Hazelnut 4
Reduced Fat Honey Walnut 4
Reduced Fat Plain 4
Reduced Fat Roasted Vegetable 3
Reduced Fat Wild Blueberry 4
Baguettes and Demis (2oz serving)
Asiago Demi 4
French Baguette 4
Three Cheese Demi 4
Three Seed Demi 4
Whole Grain Baguette 4
Loaf Breads (2oz serving)
All Natural White Loaf 4
Asiago Cheese Loaf 4
Country Loaf 3
Rye Loaf 3
Sesame Semolina Loaf 4
Three Cheese Loaf 4
Whole Grain Loaf 3
Miche Breads (2oz serving)
All Natural White Miche 4
Country Miche 4
French Miche 4
Rye Miche 3
Sesame Semolina Miche 4
Three Cheese Miche 4
Whole Grain Miche 3
Sourdough Breads
Sourdough Bread Bowl 8.75oz 17
Sourdough Loaf 2oz 4
Sourdough Roll 2.75oz 6
Sourdough XL Loaf 2oz 4
Specialty Breads (2oz except where noted)
Ciabatta 4
Cinnamon Raisin Bread 4
Dry Jack Cheese Biscuit 1.25oz 4
Focaccia 5
Focaccia with Asiago Cheese 4
Honey Wheat Loaf 4
Hot Cross Buns 2.25oz 6
Soft Roll 2.75oz 6
Tomato Basil XL Loaf 4
Artisan Pastries
Carrot Cake with Walnuts 18
Cheese Pastry 11
Cherry Pastry 6
Chocolate Pastry 12
Cinnamon Crumb Coffee Cake Slice 13
French Croissant 8
Pastry Ring 6
Pecan Braid 13
Brownies and Cookies
Double Fudge Brownie 14
Candy Cookie 12
Chocolate Chipper 12
Oatmeal Raisin 11
Peanut Butter Dream 13
Shortbread 10
Panera Bread Muffins and Muffies Points
Apple Crunch Muffin 12
Chocolate Chip Muffie 8
Cranberry Orange Muffin 13
Pumpkin Muffie 8
Pumpkin Muffin 16
Wild Blueberry Muffin 12
Cinnamon Chip Scone 17
Mini Blueberry Scones 4
Mini Orange Scones 5
Mini Strawberries and Cream Scones 4
Orange Scone 15
Strawberries and Cream Scone 12
Wild Blueberry Scone 13
Sweet Rolls
Bear Claw 15
Cinnamon Roll 17
Cobblestone 17
Pecan Roll 20

Panera Bread Weight Watchers Points Plus for 2013 was calculated by hand from Panera Bread nutrition.

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