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weight watchers points plus values for all of your favorite restaurants

Bob Evans Restaurant Soups, Salads, Sandwiches 2013

The following Weight Watchers points plus values are based on nutrition info released by Bob Evans restaurant in JANUARY 2013.

More Bob Evans meals available, check the menu at the far right.

Bob Evans Soups
Bean Soup, 1 cup 3
Bean Soup, 1 bowl 4
Vegetable Beef Soup, 1 cup 2
Vegetable Beef Soup, 1 bowl 4
Tomato Basil Soup, 1 cup 6
Tomato Basil Soup, 1 bowl 11
Cheddar Potato Soup, 1 cup 5
Cheddar Potato Soup, 1 bowl 9
Salads, No Dressing
Cobb Salad 13
Cobb Salad Savor Size 9
Cranberry Chicken Salad 16
Cranberry Chicken Salad Savor Size 14
Garden Salad 1
Heritage Salad 10
Heritage Salad Savor Size 7
Southwest Chipotle Chicken Salad 28
Southwest Chipotle Chicken Salad Savor Size 19
Specialty Garden Salad 3
Wildfire Fried Chicken Salad 19
Wildfire Fried Chicken Salad Savor Size 15
Wildfire Grilled Chicken Salad 10
Wildfire Grilled Chicken Salad Savor Size 9
Salad Dressing 1.6 oz portion
Avocado Ranch 6
Balsamic Vinaigrette 2
Blue Cheese Dressing 7
Buttermilk Ranch 5
Colonial Dressing 7
French Dressing 6
Lite Ranch 3
Raspberry Reduced Fat 3
Sweet Italian 5
Wildfire Ranch 4
Bob Evans Sandwiches
Big Farm Angus Beef Patty Only 12
Big Farm Angus with Cheese 24
Big Farm Burger 19
Big Farm Cheese Burger 22
Big Farm Farmstand Burger 22
Big Farm Smokehouse Burger 32
Big Farm Three Cheese Burger 25
Biscuit Sandwich 16
Chicken Salad Sandwich 15
Chicken Salad Sandwich Half 7
Farm Grill Fried Chicken Club 18
Farm Grill Fried Chicken Sandwich 14
Farm Grill Grilled Chicken Club 14
Farm Grill Grilled Chicken Sandwich 10
Grilled Cheese Sandwich 7
Knife and Fork Meatloaf Sandwich 18
Knife and Fork Turkey Sandwich 19
Pot Roast Sandhich 17
Pot Roast Sandwich Half 10
Farm Favorite Fried Chicken Sandwich 17
Farm Favorite Grilled Chicken Sandwich 14
Smokehouse Fried Chicken Sandwich 27
Smokehouse Grilled Chicken Sandwich 23
Turkey Bacon Melt 15
Turkey Club Wrap 18

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  1. I loved the Farm grilled chicken sandwich! I am participating in the weight watchers program and this sandwich is worth every point!!!

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